What to Expect

How I Work

When I photograph I like to sit back and wait for that perfect moment. Be it a mother tenderly looking at her child, the outstretched hand of a toddler or a family laughing and being themselves. I never force poses but I may give direction on where to stand for the best light, the rest I leave up to you.

Working with Children

I like to get to know the children I am photographing. When you call I may ask for a few subjects or interests that your child has. The less uncomfortable your child is around me the better images I will be able to capture.

Newborns are a completely different subject. When scheduling a newborn session please make sure that they are 7 days old or younger. When they are this young they are still a little sleepy and more likely to give you the cute newborn curl.

What to Wear

What should I wear you may ask? Anything you want. I do suggest that you keep things coordinated. You want to chose colors and outfits that will display well in the prints you hang on your walls. If you are looking for a more trendy session we can work with that too. For a more classic look I would stay away from logos, sneakers, bold patterns and small stripes. Go more for textures like knits, jeans, and leather for fall/winter. Cotton, rayon, silks and khakis are great for spring/summer.

Bring accessories such as knit hats, sun glasses or that special toy your child just can’t part with. These items will give your photos a beautiful personal feel.

For even more ideas and inspiration check out my Session Outfit Ideas Board.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to call us (610) 331-8898 or email us at leaveittomephotography@gmail.com